Advertiser Testimonials

Tidbits advertisers provide valuable feedback about their own experiences advertising in the Tidbits newspaper.

THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING! There is no better proof of the value and effectiveness of Tidbits advertising than the testimony from advertisers with proven results. Read what Tidbits advertisers are saying about their experiences, results and even return on investment (R.O.I.) from their Tidbits ad schedule: 


“Tidbits has been one of the best media investments for General Air Conditioning over the past 4 years. As we track all advertising, Tidbits has consistently given us an annual ROI of over 300%. We are proud to be an advertiser and partner with Tidbits.”

          »» Frank Harrison, President: General Air Conditioning and Plumbing

General Tidbits Ad


ULTIMATE HOME REPAIRS tell their story:

“Advertising with Tidbits is the best business decision we have ever made. Within the first week we received three phone calls. Within a month and a half, I was able to quit my side job (waiting tables) to run our family business full time. Tidbits has helped us become very successful and brings us about 90% of our phone calls every month. Also, Erik & Dave are wonderful!  Their creative ideas and designs are fantastic – and they’ve even helped us with our company branding and image.  Honestly, we wouldn’t be where we are today without Tidbits. Thank you very much!”

»» Monica Johnson, co-owner: Ultimate Home Repairs

Ultimate Home Repairs - Business Card Ad


Paper Doll Interiors tell their story:

” In 43 years of business I have never experienced better advertising results than with the Tidbits newspaper! I get more calls and business from my Tidbits ad than with any other marketing I’ve ever tried!  Excellent return on investment! They are awesome!”

»» Barbara Lawrence, owner: Paper Doll Interiors

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VALLEY PATIOS tell their story:

“My wife and I had been faithful Tidbits readers for years before we considered advertising with them for our backyard construction company, Valley Patios. As this was the first paid ad that we were doing, it was a little nerve-racking for such a “large” expenditure at the time for such a small business. Dave encouraged me to give it a try not promising anything, but just discussing some of the great relationships they had built over the years with other companies. We ended up purchasing a 6-week ad schedule, and received quite a few phone calls. Many of the calls turned into sales, and we were hooked! We’ve been advertising virtually every week for the last 6+ years now, and receive a wonderful amount of calls.

A few years back I started doing call-tracking with my advertising to make sure that the dollars we spent were actually producing results. We gave it about 6 months and then ran a few reports. Tidbits ended up producing about 50% of our phone calls from paper ads, but only cost about 25% of our budget. It was working great and now we had the numbers to prove it.

For any of you small businesses that are hesitant to give Tidbits a try, it will be well worth the dollars spent. Repetition is always key, and with the discounted longer contracts, it will inevitably help put more money in your pocket.

As readers and advertisers, thank you Tidbits for such a great paper!”

          »» Andy Fisher, Owner: Valley PatiosValley Patios - Tidbits ad