Household Furnishings

Reach a broad audience of affluent readers who plan to purchase home furnishings with your cost effective ad in Tidbits!Home Furnishings Living Room


1 in 3 Tidbits® readers plan to purchase Household Furnishings.

    All are home or condo owners who said they plan to buy furniture and other household furnishings within the next 12 months.

In a comprehensive study of Coachella Valley Tidbits® readers 33.8% specifically stated they intend to make household furnishings purchases within the next year.

These shoppers will be looking for your advertised household furnishing products in the pages of Tidbits®.

     Here’s a closer look at this target audience segment:

Age           % of Total Reader Audience

35 – 54       (15.1%)    Men: 26.0% Women: 74.0%

55 – 64       (26.3%)    Men: 49.1%  Women: 50.9%

65+            (57.2%)    Men: 49.4%  Women: 50.6%Woman sitting on white couch in jeans

45.8% Have annual household incomes of $75,000 and up:

 • 30.2% $50,000 – $74,000

 • 15.9% $75,000 – $99,000

 • 18.2% $100,000 – $149,000

 • 11.7% $150,000 and up

86.2% of total likely to clip and use store coupons

54.9% do not read the Desert Sun  95.1% do not read the Press Enterprise


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*Data based on 914 survey responses of Coachella Valley Tidbits readers, tabulated by JNS Marketing Group