Senior Readership

**80% of Tidbits readers are age 55+!**  Target this upscale senior audience with an affordable ad schedule in Tidbits: the Coachella Valley’s best loved and most widely read weekly publication.


Five out of six Tidbits readers are Valley Seniors age 55+

Tidbits readers are active and get the most out of life.

Reach an upscale, affluent senior audience with your ad in Tidbits!

More than half (62%) are age 65+

All are home or condo owners who said they plan to purchase advertised items in the next year.

Here’s a closer look at this lucrative audience segment:

Senior Couple - in convertable looking back

Age                      % of Total Reader Audience

  Age 55-64      (20%)       Men: 42%      Women: 58% 

Age 65+       (62%)       Men: 46%     Women: 54%

• • 86% are likely to clip and use coupons • •

29% have annual household incomes of $100,000 and up:

Tidbits reader relaxing in hammock, contemplating the witty content in the Ponderbits feature.

15%…$75,000 – $99,000

15%…$100,000 – $149,000

14%…$150,000 and up




NEWSPAPER READERSHIP:Couple enjoying newspaper crossword together.

47.3% Do Not Read the Desert Sun

93.2% Do Not Read the Press Enterprise.


Your marketing program to seniors is not complete without Tidbits.

Be sure they see YOUR ad in their weekly copy of Tidbits! The Valley’s best loved and most widely read weekly paper.


“The Neatest Little Paper Ever Read”®

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*Data based on 914 survey responses of Coachella Valley Tidbits readers, tabulated by JNS Marketing Group.